A Good Designer is like an Artist.

The ability to visualize what you are creating is extremely important in achieving your finished product. Colors, shapes, sizes, textures, shadows, movement, placement, etc. are all vital.

Would a well-known Artist let someone else paint the picture he has in his mind?

Wouldn't that take a lot of discussion back and forth?

It is best to hire a Design/Build Landscape Contractor for your Project because we not only have the Creativity in the Design but also the hands on experience in the Engineering and Construction for it to be a success. Changes are much easier in the field with someone who has the Design/Build knowledge at hand.

No matter how good a Designer is, the finished design without field analogy and modifications cannot possibly produce the best result.

As an Artist paints a picture, he can see what he needs to change. It is the same with Landscaping. You continue to get more ideas as the project proceeds. You will get a better job.

Hire your Landscape Designer as you would purchase a painting. Make sure you like their style of design.