Senier Residence

April 27, 1009

Dear Ron,

My husband and I were sitting in our beautiful back yard, enjoying all that spring has to offer and thinking about the outstanding landscaping job you did for us.
We wanted to thank you again for creating a haven that we return to day after day, all year long. From your insightful design, engineering expertise of the drainage and watering system, plant selection of color, fragrance, bloom times, and variety, you did an exceptional job. You listened to my ideas, and conceptualized the plan for a cogent overall result that only gets better as everything matures, year after year. We now enjoy maintaining our garden because it was so well planned out. There are surprises every season.
Particularly gorgeous now is the wisteria. The blooms cascade over the patio cover like a waterfall. Combined with the spring flowers it is stunning. We have Easter at our house every year and one of our guests made the statement that every time he comes to our house, the yard reminds him of one of the well-manicured gardens found at the fancy wineries.
We would absolutely be happy to show any of your prospective clients our yard and point out not only what is obviously visible, but all of the thoughtful details one can't see but pay off none-the-less. A unique landscaping plan and the capable professional to execute that plan, make the difference between a ho-hum garden that might cause problems later on, and a well-designed, original garden retreat that delights the senses.
Keep up the good work,

Dick and Genie Senier
Murrieta, California


We had just moved into a beautiful home in Murrieta from Seattle. We knew it needed some work on the exterior going into the purchase. We were used to a nice backyard for our children to play in and what we had fell far short of that. Our concrete patio was all cracked up and when it rained, all of the water came toward the house. It was a mess. There were no trees and the sprinkler and drainage were a mess. We called Ron over to get some ideas as he had done work for a neighbor across the street. We told Ron we wanted a new patio with enough room where we could put up a portable pool in the summer for our kids. Boy were we excited when we heard the Bobcat tractor start up early the morning they began work. It was so satisfying to know we were not only getting started but we had someone who we were confident could do the work. His crew was very nice and professional. They went above and beyond even fixing the sprinklers in the front yard and cutting the grass while they were there. All the work was on time and on budget.
When all was finished we not only had a beautiful patio but everything drained perfect and the plantings Ron used actually were disguising other houses from looking into our yard. We are very pleased with California Custom Landscapes performance and have recommended them to people we know.

Eric and Sophia Roweton


We originally got Ron's number from a work associate who Ron had done work for. Ron designed a beautiful Southwestern Landscape for our front yard which was appropriate for the style of our home.

Ron's crew got started with the demolition of everything to begin with a clean slate. There was nothing worth saving except a walk on the side of the garage. Next they began grading, drainage, moving existing sewer line and valves to prepare for the new entryway. They added masonry, concrete, boulders, mow-strip, soil amendments, a fountain, pots, drought tolerant plants and trees, drip irrigation, and low voltage lighting for accent. Their attention to detail and professionalism was displayed throughout the project.

It is great to come home now and see how beautiful our home looks. The debris from the tree in front which used to clog up the rain gutters and just make a mess of the porch is gone. We can finally see our house.

Our next step is to have Ron and his team back to spruce up the backyard. We are truly pleased with the Design/Build work his company has performed and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking to do outdoor improvements.

Allen and Patsy Orr


Orr's Front Entrance to house below


Christopher and Maryla Webb
Murrieta, CA

March 2009

Mr. Ron Dobbs
California Custom Landscapes
Murrieta, CA

Dear Ron,

You recently completed the design and installation of the back and side yards of our home, and we wanted to tell you how delighted we are with you and your company.

From start to end you were extremely professional. You listened to all our crazy ideas and came back to us with a fabulous design that incorporated everything you believed made sense.

Once you and your crew started working, we watched in amazement at how meticulous you are to detail. You made sure the trenches for the electrical and gas lines were at the correct depth; that the drainage was not only adequate, but flowing in the right direction; and that the final planting, the spacing of which was measured to the last half inch, was to our satisfaction!

The work you all did was outstanding! Thank you for a construction experience that was, believe it or not, very pleasant, and for giving us an “outdoor room” we enjoy more and more every day. We are thrilled beyond words and cannot thank you enough.

Should any of your customers need a reference, please feel free to use us. We would be more than happy to show them our yard, and are more than confident that your work will speak for itself. Once again, thank you.

Best wishes,

Chris and Maryla 


Twenty years ago my husband and I moved to a granitic hill overlooking Murrieta Creek. The landscaping grew, a little each year, as the whim and budget would allow. The irrigation system grew along with the plantings. Pipes crisscrossed and valves attached in some sort of mystic order. The system worked but looked like the works of a schizophrenic spider, and the 1st summer a pack of raccoons dealt the final blow. In short, the system was in need of help! Ron and his team cheerfully untangled the mysterious mess, like an archeological dig, and I, in short order replaced it with a valve system I could understand. Thank You Ron and your team. My garden will survive this summer in good shape.

Nancy Backstrand

Before Photo of Nancy's Existing Valves for her Irrigation

After Irrigation Re-Work of Valves, Piping and Wiring


Hi Ron,

I've been meaning to send you a note to tell you how much we are enjoying our backyard patio/spa and landscaping! We really love it and you and your crew did such a great job. I enjoy sitting by the spa on the patio and looking at the trees and plantings. Thank you so much for everything you did and the excellent job you do. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year too!

Cheryl and Jerry Durrant