I have a gardener, but my yard doesn't seem to look like it should.

Call us and we will come to your home and review your Landscaping. We will give you a list of items you can either do yourself or give to your gardener.

The consulting fee is $ 150.00 per hr. with a 1 hr. minimum.

If you decide you would like us to do the recommendations we suggest, you may apply your consulting fee toward the work.

Having a problem with a contractor you have hired. Their not doing the work the way you think it should be done.

Call us, we can mediate between you and your contractor and hopefully work out your situation. Keep your contractor and proceed with the work. Sometimes it is good to get the prospective of another qualified licensed contractor which will take both parties opinions into consideration and provide you with the knowledge needed for you to make an informed decision.

Has your Landscape been damaged and you need a proposal for your insurance claim.

Call us and we will provide a professional legitimate estimate of your damage.